Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm back... ish!

Getting back into the groove of things. I had a lot of unwinding to do after school ended. 7 years of being a college student enough to make me stop drawing for almost 2 months. I really needed a break.

Here's some digital doodles from earlier.

My friend Josh (Hiff/Huff)
My other friend Josh (Mac, Mucktuck)
My friend Lizard (Lizard)
My friend Angel... Making a face. Here's a personal book cover I'm working on. Heads up, I'm working off my laptop which just recently got reformatted. So it is not color calibrated.
Sketch + value study
Color Studies.
WIP 1.
WIP 2.
WIP3, Semi-FInal

Thats about it. Now conquesting for jobs and building my portfolio to have more recent works. Wish me luck.

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